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Extended Functions Mechanical Keyboard

We are providing outstanding performance, gameplay, and durability to your experience! All is beyond your imagination.
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Our Mission

We provide quality product with our excellent idea.

This product is a mini-mechanical keyboard MK5 and some extended functions, which breaks the simple definition of a keyboard, let it become more abundant. Since we use 3D print technology to make the shell, which means any idea can be realized now.

Our Product

Extensible Mini Mechanical
Keyboard Kit


16.8 Million

RGB Axis Lighting



Onboard Memory

Recording Settings

Highly Customizable

Key Function

Easy to Use


The full keyboard supports custom setting keys. Put it on the desktop, it can solve common shortcut keys with one key, or you can play with it at will. It also provides players with a display base where ISO enter keys, 2.75 long keys, and personalized keys can be placed.

lmperative programming, zero-based, easy to start and easy to learn

Self-developed software, more upgrade possibilities. The rich learning material make you feel customized in more areas of mechanical keyboard primer.

Professional programming class, already finished for you first

Provide 30+ programmable codes. Of course, you are also free to define your own statements.

Multiple Options for colors, shafts, keycaps, and screenmatching

A variety of options allow you to stay different from others and retain your personality. TIPS: The shell color, shaft body, key cap, and screenwill be updated from time to time, providing more choices and personalization.
More Reason to Buy

That's How Different Our Team Is

Safety Design

The case is fully rounded. More safer with the assemble videos.

Environmentally Sustainable

The design of the Frankenstein project for the purpose of environmental protection, uses the PLA degradable material composed of corn extract.

Replaceable Accessories

When you want to try more features recover the core part of the keyboard to realize multiple function switching.

Focus On Community

Service, technical exchange, supporting materials are places where we work quietly.
What we offer

Take it to your
Gaming Desk


Shipping Fee RM7.50


Shipping Fee RM7.50

Get it and HAVE FUN